Hot air Balloon Dream Interpretation: Rise Above your Situation

To dream of a hot air balloon represents feelings of social elevation, popularity, or fame. It also forerells about you “rising above” a situation or other people. You are looking at life in a more positive or confident way than other people and you enjoy rising above your problems.

Riding in a hot air balloon is an unusual and unconventional mode of travel. You have a great vantage point from your hot air balloon, and can see many different outcomes of your different actions.

Dream About Flying Hot Air Balloon Ride

To dream of an hot air balloon ride takes the interpretation in the direction of transportation. As with all transportation dreams, this indicates something about your experience of working towards your goals and travelling on your personal journey.

Dreaming of riding an hot air balloon is similar to an airplane dream. You will be able to overcome your obstacles and rise to a new level of prominence and status. However, the hot air balloon suggests that your rise needs to be slow and steady. You need to rise and fall at a steady pace or you are likely to experience fatal crashes. Don’t try to rush yourself to achieve your goals. You’ll get there eventually.

Related symbols and meanings to a dream of hot air balloon

Other symbols in your dream often represent different possibilities for your life. Each one of those will need to be explored in turn to determine the full meaning of your dream:

  • Weather
  • Color of the balloon
  • Clouds
  • Speed / pace
  • Other people onboard or watching your ride
  • One or several balloons? Consider numerology.

Positive signs when dreaming of a hot air balloon

When dreaming about hot air balloons you should look for positive signs like great weather, beautiful colors, great views, beautiful scenery and happy feelings like excitement or feeling proud.

Depending on the story in your dream however – hot air balloons are generally considered a positive sign in dreams.

Negative signs when dreaming of a hot air balloon

A negative sign in a dream of a hot air balloon could be bad weather or loosing control of the balloon – but consider your feelings in the dream rather then the objects.

Dreaming of a hit air balloon may reflect feelings of enjoying thinking you are better than other people. Have you allowed your popularity to corrupt you or make you narcissistic- feeling good being more intelligent person than other people?

To see a hot air balloon crash symbolizes feelings of failure. You have set overly high and unrealistic goals resulting in failure. Popularity that ends in disgrace. You might experience short lived success or social elevation because of it – feeling embarrassed for having thought you were better than other people.


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