Barn Dream Interpretation: Enjoy Your Prosperity! You Have Earned it.

To dream about a barn or several barns is connected to resources in life and how you feel about them at the moment. Lack or prosperity, fear or contentment – your feelings in the dream are the best indicator for interpretation.

If you encounter a barn full of resources, then this shows you are likely to be granted prosperity in the near future. You will work hard for your assets and you’re likely to be able to save plenty for a rainy day. But don’t forget – these items in the barn are symbols in themselves – so make sure to look them up as well. Everything means something.

For example, to be or see a horse barn or stable, indicates that you are embarking on a new phase of life, you are ready to take a new direction in your journey. I, for example, had a dream of a barn stacked with hot air balloons! That’s pretty significant – I looked them up separately witch added more layers to my over all interpretation.

A barn in your dream might signify talents that are kept in your subconscious and not actively being used. Don’t hide away your natural abilities and think you’ll save them for another day. We only have today.

A postive dream, though prosperous, doesn’t necessarily feel entirely good when experiencing it. Is the barn huge and therefore scaring you (maybe because of its height) then it’s very likely that you are afraid of success. Ask yourself – did you have any good reason to be afraid in your dream? If not, then you need to work on your resistance to change. That’s what frightening you and causing the anxiety.

Positive signs when dreaming about a barn

A barn is a good dream in almost all circumstances, both for the Romans and the Persians, but also for the Western dream interpretation tradition. In the Eastern tradition, a barn seen in a dream predicts stable growth in everything. That is, of course, if the barn is not in ruins or abandoned.

Building a barn means progress, promotion, wealth and richness.

Other positive signs are: seeing a beautiful scenery among the barn, open doors, an organized barn – maybe filled with lots of grains or other things that you find prosperous, animals happily coexisting in the barn.

Negative signs when dreaming about a barn

A dream about moving something to a barn indicates that you may be storing and hiding second lives from people.

To dream that you are setting the barn on fire, is a sign of self sabotage. Perhaps you are loosing control over some project in your life and betting chances of success are slim – so you burn it before someone else does.

To have a dream that focuses on the door of the barn, for example if the barn doors are locked or blocked, indicates you are letting simple things stop you from your goals. You are limiting yourself with excuses, instead of developing better relationships with people and saving for rainy days.

To dream about barn with leaking roof or weather damage foretells that you may incur a big debt from situations that are perhaps out of your control. This negative occurrence will eat into your savings and security of the future.

If the barn is empty, it indicates that you have to struggle for financial reward. You don’t have any savings or resources to lean on, leaving you vulnerable to setbacks of all kinds.

You feel you are working for nothing and/or there is still a lot of work to be done before “harvest”. You might have visions of prosperity, but you are not sure how to make it happen yet. It can also be a sign of temporary and short term success.

Other symbols in the dream may give you suggestions on what to do about your “empty storage” (symbolically speaking).

Remember, all dreams can be interpreted as guidance and help you overcome difficulties. There is hope and advice there if you look for it with open eyes.

Related symbols and meanings of a dream of a barn

Other symbols in your dream often represent different possibilities for your life. Each one of those will need to be explored in turn to determine the full meaning of your dream:

  • Weather
  • Color of the barn
  • Other people inside or outside
  • One or several barns? Consider numerology.
  • Animals
  • Scenery / place
  • Low ore high
  • Doors and windows


You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I believe your dreams convey your most deeply guarded secrets and simply put - is a way of you helping yourself grow and overcome difficulties.

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